Debbie’s Thanksgiving Picks

White Wine Pairing with Ham

Pierre Sparr Reserve Pinot Gris

Pierre Sparr Reserve Pinot Gris is produced in the cooler region of Alsace, France. The style tends to be full bodied and rich with spicy notes. It is medium dry with refreshing acidity showing fruity and floral notes on the palate. The off dry sweetness of this wine will pair well with the sweet candied flavours of the ham.

Red Wine Pairing with Ham

Georges Dubeouf Julienas Fleur

For a red wine to pair well with the sweet and salty flavours choose styles that are lower in tannins and offer some fruit element.Great examples of this style come from the Beaujolais region in France. These wines are produced using the Gamay grape. Georges Duboeuf Julienas Fleur is light bodied and fruity. It has smooth tannins, refreshing acidity and a medium finish. This style of wine won’t overpower your meal and the fruit components will complement and any fruit chutneys or sauces that accompany Thanksgiving dinner.

Beer Pairing with Ham

Upstreet Rhuby Social

Upstreet Strawberry Rhuburb Social is a Witbiers style of beer produced on PEI by Upstreet Brewery. The wheat malt provides a soft sweetness that complements honey glazed ham and pulls sweetness from the dish. The carbonation and light acidity is a great refresher between bites.

Spirit Pairing with Ham

Lot 40 Single Copper Pot Still Canadian Whisky

Lot 40 Single Copper Pot Still Canadian Whisky from Ontario is a perfect before and after drink to serve with ham. The nose has aromas of spiced vanilla, toffee and orange zest. The palate shows notes of allspice clove and nutmeg all complimentary flavours to the spices often used in ham recipes.