Vines Special Release

The Vines is PEI Liquor’s fine wines program. The Vines offers allocated, hard-to-find products for explorers and collectors with a passion for world-class wines.

PEI Liquor offers 200 Vines products on a continuous basis but, occasionally, we also source outstanding products as one-time purchases to broaden the portfolio and put forward new and exciting finds for discerning wine lovers.

This Vines Special Release features the wines of the Iberian Peninsula. Both Spain and Portugal are known for their centuries-old wine making traditions.

Spain is the world’s country with the largest area planted to vines but it is known for fine wines, including those from Rioja where the Tempranillo grape variety produces wines that display beguiling flavours of strawberry and cherry complemented by notes of tobacco, spice and leather. Rioja is just the tip of the iceberg and Spain offers a multitude of regions and grape varieties to explore. For more info on Rioja wines, click here.

Portugal can lay claim to having some of the oldest demarcated wine regions in the world – as early as 1756. Portugal deftly combines this sense of tradition with innovation to produce fresh and vibrant wines from exciting local grape varieties. The Douro is one of Portugal’s best-known wine regions, not only for its quality reds and whites, but also for its stunning beauty. It was recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001. For more info on Douro wines, click here.