Cannabis Legalization FAQs

Why did the federal government decide to legalize cannabis?

How can I learn about the legislative, regulatory, and policy-related decisions made by the PEI Government?

The Government of Prince Edward Island is currently working on cannabis legislation, regulation and enforcement decisions with the goal of ensuring Islanders can make an informed choice while reducing the illegal market for cannabis. You can find information about provincial legislation, regulation, enforcement and other important jurisdictional information here:, or by emailing the Provincial Cannabis Working Group at

When will recreational cannabis use be legal in PEI?

The federal government intends to legalize cannabis for recreational use by July 2018.

How old will I have to be to purchase cannabis?

The legal age for cannabis use in PEI will be 19+, which aligns with the province’s legal age for possessing and consuming alcohol or tobacco.

Where will I be able to consume cannabis?

Cannabis use in PEI will be restricted to private residences to help limit its impact on communities and public health. There will be a potential for expansion to designated public spaces for use at a later date.

How much cannabis will I be able to possess at one time?

Adults will be allowed to publicly possess 30 grams of lawful dried cannabis or equivalent, which aligns with the federal legislation. Youth under the age 19 will be prohibited from possessing cannabis.

Can I consume cannabis and operate a vehicle?

Impaired driving is illegal and has serious consequences. Cannabis causes impairment and it is illegal to drive while impaired by cannabis. In addition to the existing laws and penalties for impaired driving, PEI will strengthen roadside suspension and create a summary offense in cases of impaired driving with a minor, with the potential for increasing penalties in the future.

Are there any restrictions on transporting cannabis?

Prince Edward Island will place restrictions on the transportation of cannabis in motorized vehicles, including off-road vehicles, and vessels. Similar to alcohol regulations, purchased cannabis must be transported in either the unopened packaging it is purchased in or, where an open package is being transported, the product must be secure and inaccessible to anyone in the vehicle.

How can I become a federally-Licensed Producer of cannabis?