Debbie’s Holiday Picks

Ménage a Trois Gold Chardonnay

The Holidays are a celebration of great food, great people, and great wine! The Ménage a Trois Gold Chardonnay is decadent and luxurious, a perfect wine to accompany many of the culinary delights we indulge in during the festive season. The Ménage a Trois is predominantly Chardonnay but the winemaker has blended small amounts of Viognier and Verdelho to add richness and complexity to the blend. It is fermented in French and American oak and undergoes malolatic fermentation which helps create a supple texture and a lush, creamy mouth feel.

Fish and other seafood dishes with butter sauces are good pairings with this style. Traditional Christmas dinners like our Roast Turkey with Apple and Sage Stuffing, would be a great complement to the sweet and spicy components of the wine. With your leftover turkey get creative with our PEI Turkey Meatballs with Spiced Apple Chutney recipe.

The Menage a This Gold is a new listing on PEI. With its festive gold label this is a great gift for the buttery Chardonnay fans on your Christmas list.