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Autumn Orchard Boulevardier

Autumn Orchard Boulevardier – Cocktail Recipe

A warm fall-season sipper that stretches and slightly modifies the classic *Boulevardier cocktail to create a bourbon-forward hot apple cider brew featuring three top-quality PEI Liquor products that no at-home liquor cabinet should ever be without.

Yield: 2 cocktails

Bring apple cider to a simmer. Add bourbon, Campari, and vermouth and stir until warm. Divide into to heatproof mugs (ideally preheated with hot water) and garnish with orange zest.


Soft red winter wheat is the key ingredient that arguably makes Maker’s Mark the softest and most approachable expression compared to any other in the bourbon category. Smooth and subtle with balancing sweetness and benchmark caramel and vanilla aromas are a perfect complement to the hot apple cider.

This is also a fine sipping bourbon (neat or over ice) and in the capacity of the classic Boulevardier, the Maker’s Mark is notably smooth and brings a warm toffee note to complement the bitter/sweet balance brought by the Campari and vermouth.


The driving force behind classic cocktails such as **Negroni and Boulevardier, Campari is also outstanding on its own as an aperitif served with a splash of soda.

Campari is an Italian bitter liqueur made from a blend of botanicals with pronounced orange peel character dominating the aromas and flavours. The addition of Campari brings a balancing bitter edge to counter the sweet caramel and vanilla notes of the bourbon.


Red Vermouth is basically a sweetened, brandy-spiked wine infused with herbs and spices. Based on a 150 year-old recipe, this premium red vermouth blends meticulously selected wines and rare botanicals (red sandalwood) for a pronounced bitter and herbal character to bring marked complexity in its supporting role in classic cocktails such as Negroni, Boulevardier, and ***Manhattan.

On its own this is a beautifully balanced vermouth best enjoyed as a classic aperitif poured over ice and garnished with lemon zest.

*Boulevardier: 1 oz each – sweet vermouth, Campari, whisky
**Negroni: 1 oz each – sweet vermouth, Campari, gin
***Manhattan: 1oz sweet vermouth, 2oz whisky, angostura bitters