Vines Special Release

The Vines is PEI Liquor’s fine wine program. The Vines offers allocated, hard-to-find products for explorers and collectors with a passion for world-class wines.

PEI Liquor offers 200 Vines products on a continuous basis but, occasionally, we also source outstanding products as one-time purchases to broaden the portfolio and put forward new and exciting finds for discerning wine lovers.

The current Vines Special Release features French rosés from Provence and beyond.

Beautiful vivacious rosés are made in most wine-producing regions around the world but few people would deny that the pink-hued wines from France benefit from a certain cachet or that they impart an idyllic ambiance to any occasion the minute the cork is popped.

French rosés are made in various styles, from bone-dry fairly full-bodied versions perfect with food to light, off-dry, ethereal affairs ideal for sipping while watching the sunset. They are versatile, approachable wines that can be enjoyed year-round but there is no doubt that they are imbued with a touch of summertime magic.

Provence in the South-East of France, often thought of as rosé’s spiritual home and most noble expression, uses Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah and Mourvèdre to make single-varietal wines or as part of blends. The neighbouring southern French region of the Rhone Valley also produce great rosés offering great value for money using the same grapes . The Loire Valley, further North, relies on varieties such as Cabernet Franc, Pinot Noir, Gamay and Grolleau to craft wines with distinct personalities.

The wines in this release from these benchmark French regions are a great introduction to French rosés and joie de vivre!

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