Club License (past due)

You are renewing your license past the due date of June 1st, therefore you will be charged a 50% late fee.


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In order to be considered for this license the requirements of a club include:

  1. has a clearly defined basis of membership and reasons for existence other than selling alcoholic beverages;
  2. is non-proprietary and is not operated for the pecuniary gain or personal profit of any member, officer or shareholder thereof;
  3. has an acceptable constitution and bylaws;
  4. is a body corporate;
  5. has not less than twenty members; and
  6. has for its objects definite purposes of a social, athletic, recreational, fraternal, benevolent, or patriotic nature.

The annual fee for a Club License is: $75.00 for a membership of one hundred or less, $150.00 for a membership of over one hundred, not over one hundred and fifty; $250.00 for a membership of over one hundred and fifty.