Responsible Host Guide

To help you plan and host an event that’s stress free and enjoyable for you and your guests, the Prince Edward Island Liquor Control Commission has developed HOST – A Guide for Responsible Entertaining with all the ingredients for more successful and memorable entertaining. We know you care about your friends, family and guests. We’ve designed HOST to help you keep everyone safe at your get-togethers, whether they’re backyard barbecues, intimate dinners with friends, weddings or patio parties. Enjoy your party, knowing you’ve created a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere for you and your friends to have a good time. HOST covers a range of topics, from how to properly stock your bar, to information on host liability and common myths about alcohol, as well as time-saving tips and recipes for non-alcoholic Mocktails.

Our Responsible Host Guide is now available in stores and online. View the digital version by clicking the button below.