Special Orders

Special orders are offered by the Prince Edward Island Liquor Control Commission to the general public and licensees who have requests for products which are not currently available in PEI Liquor stores. Special orders can take up to six months to arrive depending on the country of origin of the product.

Special Order Form



The PEILCC will give the customer a quote on the cost of the special order after contact has been made with the local agent or directly with the supplier. Total cost will include freight, duty, exchange rates, bottle deposit, taxes and PEILCC mark up. Depending on the final cost, customers may be required to make a 33% deposit of the final price of the special order before the order can be placed. The PEILCC reserves the right to change the deposit requirements at any time. The customer must pay in full for the product on the day they pick up the special order.


The PEILCC requires that special orders be ordered in case lots. Suppliers may require a higher minimum order is some instances. If this occurs, the PEILCC has no control over a supplier’s minimum order. Below is the minimum order in most circumstances:

  • The minimum order for wine is one (1) case. Cases typically contain 12 bottles.
  • The minimum order for spirits is one (1) case. Cases typically contain 12 bottles.
  • The minimum order for beer is 24 bottles/cans. For example one (1) 24 pack, two (2) 12 packs three (3) 8 packs, etc.
  • The minimum order for coolers is 24 bottles/cans. For example one (1) 24 pack, two (2) 12 packs three (3) 8 packs, etc.

Procedures for Placing a Special Order

Customers are asked to complete the Special Order Form which is available on the PEILCC’s website (Link to online form), at all 18 PEILCC locations or at the PEILCC Head Office located at 3 Garfield Street in Charlottetown. Once the special order form has been filled out by the potential customer, the PEILCC will contact the local agent or the supplier and ask for the price of the product and minimum order quantities. Once the PEILCC has heard back from the local agent or supplier, the potential customer will be contacted to see if they would like to proceed and place the order.

Special orders can be placed by email infopeilcc@liquorpei.com 

Product Shipment

Once an order has been placed, the PEILCC will give an estimated time of arrival to the customer. The PEILCC is not responsible if the product does not arrive by the ETA. There are many factors beyond the control of the PEILCC that can cause a product to arrive later than originally anticipated.

Payment & Delivery

Once the product has arrived, the customer will be contacted by the PEILCC. The customer has the choice of picking up the product at the PEILCC Head Office at 3 Garfield Street in Charlottetown during office hours Monday to Friday and pay for it at that time, or the product can be shipped to one of the PEILCC’s corporate retail outlets. If the product will be picked up at one of the PEILCC’s corporate retail outlet, payment must be made in advance by credit card by contacting Jean-Sebastien Morin, Wine Category Manager at 902-368-6671 or Mark Carragher, Beer & Spirits Category Manager at 902-368-6274.

Contact Information

If you would like to obtain more information about a product you may be interested in or to get further information about special orders, please see feel free to contact us at: infopeilcc@liquorpei.com