Debbie’s Valentine’s Day Picks

Upstreet Black Tie Affair Vanilla Cranberry Stout

“Every year at this time, we retract a little. The air is cold and dry and the sunshine is hard to find. Don’t hibernate though. Dig out your fancy duds and seek your best buds.” Great advice from the gang at Upstreet brewery!

Black Tie Affair is a sweet and roasty stout, balanced by a touch of cranberry tartness and a hint of rich vanilla. Just what you need to spruce up the dark winter nights Valentine’s Day is a celebration of all things loved. What better way to share our Island love than pairing Upstreet’s Black Tie Affair with our PEI Beef Sliders and Stout Jam Tomato Jam recipe. The roasted flavors and cranberry flavors of the stout are an amazing complement to the sweet and savory components of the sliders.

Many Valentines celebrations are considered a “Black Tie Affair”. Upstreet Vanilla Cranberry Stout is a great way to start your romantic evening. Enjoying a bottle will refresh and liven the palate to ready for an evening of romantic indulgence.

Pol Roger Brut Rosé Champagne 2006

Rosé Champagne is produced by allowing the juice of the wine to remain in contact with the skins for a longer period of time, resulting in a wine with more color and richness. The 2006 Pol Roger is champagne with loads of personality. It is aged in cellars for 7 years before being released into the market. The nose has aromas of red fruits and summer berries. The palate comes alive with deep mineral characters with hints of vanilla and grapefruit on the finish.

Sparkling wine has an affinity for food; it is one of the most versatile food friendly beverages in the world. The Pol Roger is the ideal choice to accompany a Valentines dinner of grilled salmon served with a beet risotto. The different shades of pink and red will look enticing on your dinner table this year.

Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like a freshly opened bottle of vintage Rosé Champagne; it’s the quintessential celebratory beverage. Enjoy the dance of the bubbles in your glass as you sit fireside with your sweetheart… it will tickle your tongue and your heart!

Baileys Original Irish Cream

Baileys Irish Cream is classic liquor created in Dublin in 1971. The goal was to develop a unique drink worth of Ireland’s storied heritage. By combining Irish whiskey, fresh cream with cocoa and vanilla beans the legendary Baileys was born. Today it remains one of the best selling cream liquors worldwide.

It offers so much diversity in baking and a delious backdrop to many cocktail and coffee based recipes. Baileys is a great complement to all chocolate inspired desserts. For something a bit different grab a few Brazil or macadamias nuts; the sweet chocolate and salty tones are an interesting flavor combination. For a special Valentine’s Day dinner dessert, check out the Raspberry Cheesecake recipe. Fresh Raspberries paired with Baileys is a match made in heaven.

Start your Valentines by treating your sweetheart to a strawberry and chocolate inspired brunch. A serving of fresh fruit pancakes with strawberry compote alongside a steaming cup of coffee and Baileys is sure to put a bit of sizzle in your morning.

Ménage à Trois Cocktail



  • Muddle 5 Raspberries.
  • Fill shaker with ice.
  • Add Baileys, Vodka and muddled berries.
  • Shake vigorously.
  • Strain into martini glass.
  • Garnish with 2 speared raspberries.