Trent’s Valentine’s Day Picks

Old Sam Rum

Old Sam Rum has a personality as unique as its namesake! Its legendary froth is one of its most distinctive qualities, making it go down smooth and easy. When mixed with cola, Old Sam Rum develops a frothy “head”- making it easy to spot a Sam drinker from across the room.

A great winter “warm up” drink after an evening of skiing or snowshoeing.

Chocolate Sam:


    1.5 ounces Old Sam
    4 ounces hot chocolate


  • Top with a dollop of whipping cream and chocolate sprinkles or shaved chocolate.

Wolfberger Gewürztraminer

A full bodied wine with powerful aromas of spicy fruit that are particularly intense in this wine. The aromas are an explosion of tropical fruit (lychee, passion fruit) with citrus and spices all blending into a fragrance that is both powerful and complex.

My favorite wine for pairing with spicy Asian foods like Szechuan, Thai, Curries. (The sweetness in this wine offers balance to the heat in these dishes). It is extremely versatile in its ability to pair with smoked foods too like fish and cheeses.

The lower acidity and higher sweetness of this Gewürztraminer make it perfect for pairing with a spicy bowl of Pad Thai.

Steam Whistle Pilsner

The motto “Do one thing really, really well” pretty much describes Steam Whistle Brewery. Their focus is on making one beer; a Czech Style Pilsner. Only four ingredients are used: Spring water, malted barley, hops and yeast.

A dry crisp beer with a pronounced hoppy taste. It pairs especially well with fried fish, mussels and shellfish. Hamburgers and pizza are both good accompaniments (keep that in mind for the 2017 “Burger Love” event).