Jean-Sébastien’s Summer Picks

Babe Rose

A sparkling rosé wine that flirts successfully with the taste profile of coolers. It opens with a splash of sweetness that develops into berry and peach notes. The finish is well structured with balancing acidity and pink grapefruit flavours. The convenience of an adorable 250 mL can makes this the perfect drink to prolong summer or enjoy on warm fall days.

Wallaroo Trail Reserve Pinot Grigio – Chardonnay

Wallaroo Trail Reserve Pinot Grigio – Chardonnay offers an interesting blend of two popular grape varieties in a tier premium to regular Wallaroo Trail wines.

It displays aromas of nectarine and Red Delicious apple as well as citrus flavours highlighted by a hint of pineapple. A versatile wine that will pair with a wide range of dishes from pasta in cream sauce to grilled halibut or salmon.

Bogside Bon Voyage Champagne IPA

Champagne IPAs are a fairly new style of IPA that is gaining much popularity since coming on the scene in San Francisco in early 2018.

Although the style is still evolving, they tend to be clear, light, crisp, aromatic and dry. A special enzyme is added during the fermentation process. It breaks down complex sugars that would normally remain in the beer making them drier than most IPAs.

The Bon Voyage Champagne IPA displays an aromatic and refreshing hop profile featuring pineapple, melon and lychee notes and Champagne-like effervescence/carbonation with restrained malt character and bitterness. A great beer that wins you over as soon as your nose gets close to the glass.

Tarima Rosé

This elegant and versatile Spanish rosé is made from the Monastrell grape (better known as Mourvèdre in France). It is deep salmon in colour with copper highlights.

The nose is alive with strawberry, red cherry and grapefruit notes as well as a hint of white pepper. It is medium-bodied with good fruit concentration and balanced acidity. Complex yet approachable, it will pair beautifully with hearty salads, barbecued chicken, salmon or sausages.