Environmental Initiatives

Energy and Resource Management

The Prince Edward Island Liquor Control Commission is committed to reducing its energy use wherever possible. From lights to computers to ventilation, PEILCC reviews energy use while exploring ways to reduce consumption. At its Head Office Warehouse and License Distribution Centre, the PEILCC switched to motion sensor lighting, daylight harvesting and a retrofit of overhead lights.

The PEILCC is investigating the use of occupancy sensors and LED lighting in the retail store network and Head Office.

Bag Strategy

In the fall of 2008, the Prince Edward Island Liquor Control Commission eliminated plastic bags in its retail stores. New multi-bottle, reusable bags are now available for sale and paper bags are used for purchases made at PEI Liquor stores.

Recycling PackagingInsets-4

As part of the Beverage Container Management System implemented May 3, 2008, retail stores on Prince Edward Island will no longer accept refillable bottles for refund. Under this new system, consumers will pay a 10 cent deposit on each recycled beverage container they purchase and receive a five cent refund for each container when it is returned to one of the 10 licensed Container Recycling Depots located across the province. For liquor beverage containers larger than 500 milliliters, there will be a 20 cent deposit levied and a 10 cent refund available when the container is returned to a depot. After May 3rd, 2008, all retail stores, including liquor stores, will no longer accept returned beverage containers or pay refunds. Please refer to the Beverage Container Management System Website for more information.

Lightweight Bottles

The Prince Edward Island Liquor Control Commission is committed to reducing wine-bottle waste. Currently, almost 90% and more than 900 different wines meet our 420-gram standard. This is resulting in a 20 per cent reduction in greenhouse gas generation.