Licensee Online Ordering

The LOOP – Licensee On-line Ordering Program

The Prince Edward Island Liquor Control Commission is pleased to offer Licensee Customers a Licensee Online Ordering Program, known as The LOOP, which provides many benefits such as…

  • convenience – being able to place your liquor orders on your own time, anytime, 24-7
  • access to viewing and searching a list of products
  • ability to see products newly listed or those being delisted at a savings
  • checking product availability within your family of stores
  • ordering alternate products
  • seeing a running total of your order (final total must be confirmed by your store)
  • checking on order status
  • access to reporting functions such as an order history
  • ability to save orders as templates as an additional timesaver
  • ability to order product directly from monthly Limited Time Offers
  • seeing product flags advising of such information as product availability

For more information contact: