Let’s Protect Our Island

April 4th, 2017

Island Nature Trust and the PEI Liquor Control Commission are teaming up to fundraise the purchase price for two woodland blocks in eastern and western PEI through the “PEI, Ours to Protect” campaign.

From April 1 through May 10, participating suppliers of beer, wine and spirits will donate up to $1 from their sales at PEILCC retail outlets to Island Nature Trust. Signage promoting this initiative – including the featured products – can be found in all 18 PEI Liquor retail outlets across the province.

“The PEI Liquor Control Commission is very pleased to be entering the 2nd year of a 5 year commitment to support the initiatives of Island Nature Trust. In our first year the PEILCC raised $15,337 and with the support of our suppliers and customers we are looking forward to another successful campaign” said Jamie MacLeod, Director of Corporate Services with the PEI Liquor Control Commission.

Island Nature Trust is committed to investing in the future of Islanders by working to protect healthy and undeveloped hardwood forests, wetlands, coastlines and off-shore islands. With no consistent, core funding to acquire land through donation or purchase, it can be a challenge to respond quickly when properties come available that have high value as natural areas. This partnership with the Liquor Control Commission provides some security to Island Nature Trust’s efforts, knowing there is a source of funds available for the next four years in early summer.

“We are so grateful to PEILCC for initiating and coordinating this funding campaign,” said Island Nature Trust Executive Director Megan Harris. “It will allow us to plan for the acquisition of these two woodland parcels with greater financial certainty.”

Be the change we need to see – help Island Nature Trust help PEI!

For more information please visit www.islandnaturetrust.ca