Erin’s St Patrick’s Day Picks

Moonshine Creek Peppermint Patrick Liqueur

Sweeten up your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations with this new addition to the small-batch chocolate liqueur series from Moonshine Creek. The family-owned micro-distillery based out of Carleton, New Brunswick recently released Peppermint Patrick – a chocolate-mint liqueur with a next-level flavour intensity and concentration that nearly puts it in the category of ‘food group’.

Prepare yourself for THE ULTIMATE SHAMROCK SHAKE (recipe below), or simply enjoy this in coffee, hot chocolate or add it to old favourites like Kahlua and Bailey’s for a fresh, peppermint kick. Quite possibly, the best option for this delectable dollop is to pour it over ice cream or a molten chocolate cake for a boozy dessert experience like no other.

Shake well before using (sediment is normal) and store at room temperature for optimal consistency of product. There are no animal by-products in this liqueur.

(2 servings)

The Shake:

    ◻️ 3 cups vanilla ice cream
    ◻️ 2 oz Peppermint Patrick Chocolate Mint Liqueur
    ◻️ 2 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream
    ◻️ 2 oz Jameson’s Irish Whiskey
    ◻️ 2 whole mint chocolate dairy milk chocolate bars – coarsely chopped
    ◻️ ½ cup chocolate cookie crumbs
    ◻️ 1 sprig fresh mint leaves – coarsely chopped (reserve two leaves for garnish)
    ◻️ Green Food Colouring (optional)

Combine all ingredients in blender and blend until smooth

The Rim:

    ◻️ ¼ cup chocolate fudge sauce
    ◻️ ¼ cup chocolate cookie crumbs
    ◻️ ¼ cup mini mint chocolate chips (coarsely chopped)

Combine chocolate cookie crumbs and chopped mint chocolate chips
Rim 2 glasses with chocolate fudge and then dip into cookie crumb mint chocolate chip mixture

Pour THE ULTIMATE SHAMROCK SHAKE into rimmed glasses and garnish with:

    ◻️ Whipped Cream
    ◻️ Mini mint chocolate chips
    ◻️ Fresh mint leaf