Judy’s Thanksgiving Picks

White Wine Pairing with Thanksgiving Dinner

Hess Select Chardonnay

Hess Select Chardonnay will pair nicely with buttery mashed potatoes and gravy. Chardonnay is an obvious choice because it stands up to bold flavors without overpowering the potatoes.

Crisp and clean with bright wonderfully balanced acidity, the signature lemon-lime and a touch of apple flavors of Monterrey shine through.

Red Wine Pairing with Thanksgiving Dinner

Whitehaven Pinot Noir

Whitehaven Pinot Noir has bright acidity and gentle tannins. This bright acidity brings out the juiciness in the turkey as well as the flavour in the sweet potatoes.

The gentle tannins marry well with green vegetables like brussel sprouts; Ripe cherry and black plum fruit flavours supported with savoury oak and spice.

A medium bodied wine with supple tannins and a fleshy silky texture. The fruit and savoury flavours are perfectly balanced and persist on the long, clean finish. No turkey dinner is complete without stuffing. Herb stuffing goes best with Pinot Noir. The stuffing accentuates the Pinot Noir’s earthy side.

Beer Pairing with Turkey

Sam Adams Boston Lager

Sam Adams Boston Lager is a bright golden yellow colour with a thick head. Aromas are perfumed and complex, showing sweet malt, delicate fruit, citrus/grapefruit, honey, light spice, with cereal, herbal/floral, yeasty, spice and pine notes.

It is dry, crisp, well carbonated, medium bodied and rich, well balanced, flavours of malt, toasted grain, citrus, caramel and light fruit with herbal hops, hints of spice and bread yeast with pleasant bitter floral hops on the lingering finish.

The floral, piney and citrus notes lent by the Noble hop varieties in Boston Lager are balanced by a strong malt backbone, making this a perfect brew to pair with almost any food. It goes great with roasted turkey.