Linda’s Fall Picks

Double Hill Oistre

Located in the hills of Caledonia, Prince Edward Island, Double Hill thrives on creating top-quality cider. This bright golden cider is made in a dry style, with fine soft bubbles, aromas of fresh from the oven buttery pastry, baked apples and freshly zested lemon.

Double Hill uses a blend of apples sourced wild apple trees and cider apples from the orchard, giving this cider a refreshing crispness balanced by bitter tannins. This delightful new local cider would make the perfect pairing for its namesake – Fresh Raw Oysters (Oistre) on the half shell and a beautiful addition to your Thanksgiving dinner.

Upstreet Gravedigger Pumpkin Ale

Celebrate sweater season with this local and seasonal pumpkin ale! Your mouth will be watering with each sip of this deliciously rich brew that really is just like pumpkin pie. Gravedigger is a full-bodied ale, generously spiced with nutmeg cinnamon and ginger with notes of vanilla and graham cracker.

Perfect for: Thanksgiving prepping, apple picking, and weekend backyard bonfires.

Pairs well with: Savoury dishes like, chili, shepherd’s pie, smoked cheddar baked potatoes, and stuffed mushroom caps.

Perfect recipe pairing: Stuffed Cream Cheese Mushrooms