Linda’s Holiday Picks

Rewind Blueberry Mojito

If you love cocktails that taste like dessert, you’re going to love this Rewind Blueberry Mojito!

This ready-to-drink mojito has delicious ripe blueberry flavours with sweet and cooling mint that leaves a slight spicy effect on the tongue. The lingering taste of refreshing lime and blueberry will have you reaching for another sip.

Great on its own over ice or fancy it up in a pretty glass with some fresh blueberries and a sprig of mint or a fresh lime zest.

This local craft cocktail would pair wonderfully with Holiday Brunch!

Benjamin Bridge Piquette Stocking Stuffer

Everyone is talking about Piquette, but what exactly is Piquette wine?

Winemaking traditionally includes crushing and pressing the grapes; piquette is made with the leftover pulp, stems, and seeds from those grapes, also known as the “pomace.” This residue is placed in a fermentation vessel with water and the end result is a tasty refreshing beverage that is low in alcohol and has a gentle fizz.

This Holiday Pack from Benjamin Bridge not only makes a great stocking stuffer but also gives you three different and distinctive Piquette wines to try. This is a “buy one for me, buy one for someone on your Holiday List” kind of product.

The set includes:

  • BENJAMIN BRIDGE PIQUETTE – Hazy Golden in colour with aromas reminiscent of ruby red grapefruit with just a touch of lime zest. On the palate, lively citrus notes balanced nicely with hints of lime and lovely maritime sea salt.
  • BENJAMIN BRIDGE PIQUETTE WILD – Sea foam green in colour with distinct aromas of mango, papaya, on the first sip your tongue will say “Wow”! So lively and vibrant, think lemon peel and ocean minerals interlaced with a nice touch of salinity.
  • BENJAMIN BRIDGE PINK PIQUETTE – my favourite, this piquette has delicately infused organic Rosehip and Elderflower, deep pink in colour in the glass releasing aromas of a tropical flowers. Take a sip to experience this light and refreshing almost weightless beverage, with flavours of elderflower and rose hips. Delish!

JD Shore Rum Cream

Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, this rum cream is made with barrel aged J.D Shore Rum, cocoa, vanilla, cinnamon, and cream.

Rich with aromas of butterscotch, tiramisu, and vanilla and flavours of milk chocolate, pineapple and fresh sweet cream.

Enjoy this libation on its own, on the rocks, in a fancy cocktail, in your coffee or try this delicious recipe:

JD Shore Rum Cream Latte

  • 1 oz JD Shore Rum Cream
  • 2 shots espresso
  • 3 oz hot milk
  • Dark Chocolate to garnish
  • Pour hot milk into mug or latte glass
  • Top with 2 shots of espresso
  • Add the JD Shore Rum cream
  • Shave Dark Chocolate over the top