Class II (resale)

  • Authorizatiion: Section 4(B) of the Liquor Control Act and Regulations
  • Type: Class II
  • Purpose: Entitles the holder to sell liquor.
  • Fee: $50.00
  • Who can Apply: Any non-profit organization.
  • Type of Event: Must be of a private nature open to persons who are invited to attend.
  • Premise: The event must take place on premises that are owned or operated by a school board, church, municipality or public authority, or in respect of an event taking place on any other premises where the Commission is satisfied that the premises are appropriate for holding the event specified in the application.
  • Authority: Permit must have the approval of the appropriate authority for the premise.
  • Application: Should be made two weeks in advance of the event to the PEILCC.
  • Minors: Minors are not permitted except as allowed by regulations.
  • Hours of Sale: The sale of liquor at a special permit function will cease at 2:00 a.m. and premises cleared by 2:30 a.m. or as approved by the Commission.
  • Happy Hours: The sale of liquor shall be only at the price stated in the application. Permits are not to have happy hours.
  • Liquor Purchases: All liquor purchased must be purchased under the permit number.
  • Liquor Orders: Liquor orders may be placed at any store at least two days in advance of the event and picked up before 4:00 p.m. on Fridays
  • Restrictions:
    1. Permits cannot be issued to a premise which is the holder of a liquor license.
    2. The applicant must sign the permit and be at the function as the person in charge. Servers of alcohol are not permitted to consume alcoholic beverages before or while on duty.
    3. The permit must be posted on the premises as well as the copy of the liquor order.
    4. Commission will assign terms and conditions for control of the event.
  • Responsibility: As a permit holder you are operating a licensed premises and are bound by all regulations under the Liquor Control Act and can be held liable for the irresponsible service of alcohol
  • Requirements: Permits will be considered for enclosed areas or tents on an individual basis by the Director of Corporate Services when the following information is provided:
    1. Confirmation of Provincial Fire Marshal approval.
    2. Health Department approval for adequate washrooms with the minimum requirements being one portable washroom per 100 people.
    3. A letter stating the reason for the permit with a site plan.
    4. Proposed security arrangements.
    5. Fully completed application form.
  • Return of Goods: Product in saleable condition including undamaged labels and packaging as well as all seals in place will be accepted at Head Office for a restocking fee of 5%.