Listing Policy and Procedures

The policy of the Prince Edward Island Liquor Control Commission is to optimize the efficiency of the Commission as it relates to a dollar return, and to provide customers with a well-balanced assortment of beverage alcohol while treating all suppliers fairly and giving all applications equitable consideration.

New listings for alcoholic beverages are generated from a yearly Category Review Schedule and determined by the Category Manager for each category (Beer, Wine, and Spirits). This schedule is distributed to the national and local representatives prior to the beginning of the PEILCC fiscal year on April 1. Based on the review schedule, local agents will be sent a Category Call with instructions on submitting products for listing at the PEILCC.

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PEI Liquor Listing Application Form

2021/2022 Beer, Spirits, & RTD Category Call Schedule

Updated 2022/2023 Wine Category Call Schedule *Coming Soon*


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PEI Liquor Labelling Requirements


Agents responding to a Category call must do so using the Preliminary Application spreadsheet provided with each call.  The acceptance of these applications is based on the decision of the applicable Category Manager. Preliminary Applications should be sent via email to:

Nikki Brown
Category Analyst


When listing decisions have been made, agents will be notified by applicable category manager, indicating which products have been selected for consideration at a Category Review as well as a deadline for sample submission.


Two (2) samples of each product selected for Category Review must be sent to the PEILCC. Tracking samples and confirming that they have been received at the PEILCC is the responsibility of Agents. If samples are not received by the prescribed deadline, the product will not be considered for General List until the following call for that category. Any samples arriving after the deadline will be destroyed the PEILCC.

Samples must be received at the PEILCC Executive Offices duty paid with prepaid freight. Any charges incurred by the PEILCC in relation to product samples will be billed to the Agent along with a $50.00 handling fee per product.

Samples are to be sent to the attention of:

Gerald O’Halloran
Director of Supply Chain and Property Management
PEI Liquor Control Commission
3 Garfield Street
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 6A4

Any questions regarding shipping logistics can be sent to Connor Wilkinson:


After completion of the Category Review Meeting, the PEILCC will send an Application Request to Agents for products selected for listing. NO notice will be given for products not selected for listing. The application must be fully and accurately completed and returned to the PEILCC by the prescribed date. Listing Applications with supporting documents can be sent to the respective Category Manager and Category Analyst:

Nikki Brown
Category Analyst

Mark Carragher
Director of Sales and Marketing / Beer & Spirits Category Manager

Trent DeRoche
Wine Category Manager


Products selected for listing will then be entered in the appropriate PEILCC systems and ordered. All suppliers must meet PEILCC ordering deadlines and packaging must meet all CFIA label requirements. A listing fee of $150 + HST is required with every application. The fee payment must be sent to:

Will Bruce
Financial Analyst

A receipt for the Application Fee as well as an acknowledgement of the fact that the Application was received by the PEI Liquor will be sent to the Agents/Suppliers.


Individual Product Listings can occur throughout the year, outside of the regular Category Review Schedule. These individual listings can occur for several reasons such as allocations, case pack changes, one-time offers or seasonal specials.

These specialty offers should be submitted in the same spreadsheet as those products that qualify for the category call. (For example, an LTO whiskey could be included on the Vodka Category Call). It should be identified as “Specialty” or “OTO” in the appropriate cell in the Preliminary Application spreadsheet.

Samples are required for individual listings and should be sent according to the instructions above.


Invoices should be sent to:

Connor Wilkinson


Will Bruce


The delisting process is completed in conjunction with the Category Review Schedule. Categories are reviewed as per the schedule and decisions rendered based on the performance of the product as it relates to the category and the direction of the overall business. Several factors outside of performance also influence delisting decisions, such as shelf management requirements, product category requirements, hierarchy needs (price points), promotional support, brand family performance, supply issues, shelf life, etc. Circumstances (such as product supply) may arise that fall outside the normal delisting procedure that allows the PEI Liquor to delist at its discretion.

Further to category reviews, agents will be notified if a product they represent is being delisted. As per PEI Liquor policy, for any general list product delisted after being in the market for over 12 months, the PEI Liquor’s loss of profit in depleting the inventory will be offset by invoicing the agent 25% of the landed cost of that inventory.

An Agent will be deemed responsible for a product up to the effective date of the appointment of a new Agent as communicated to the PEI Liquor by the supplier.

Agent/suppliers listing products with PEI Liquor must agree to the PEI Liquor’s product delisting policy and procedure.