Debbie’s Summer Picks

Colliding Tides Gin Twist

Perfect for pool side daydreaming is the Colliding Tides Gin Twist. This is the first locally made ready to drink beverage, a collaborative effort between Myriad Distillery and the PEI Brewing Company.

It’s a perfect blend of PEI gin and citrus juices. With a lower sugar content and lighter carbonation it’s a category changer!

Mott’s Clamato Caesar The Works

For a fresh alternative to red wine during BBQ season try Mott’s Clamato Caesar The Works. It has the traditional flavors of Mott’s Clamato juice with a balanced blend of seasoning, extra spices, hot sauce and horseradish.

A great pairing with grilled meat and a tangy horseradish cream.

Schweppes Blueberry Elderberry

Looking for the great flavor of a signature cocktail without all the work?

Try the Schweppes Sparkling Blueberry and Elderberry Vodka Beverage. A refreshing blend of sparkle and fruit perfect on its own or dressed up in a frosted glass with a garnish of fresh berries great for all your back yard entertaining needs.

Upstreet Go Devil

Go Devil is an American IPA with an abv of 6.66% and 42 IBU. This devilish IPA has juicy tropical, pine and citrus notes. Using only a single malt gives the beer a dry finish that allows the hops to really shine.

IPAs have a great affinity for spice and light fruit notes. The bitterness has a cooling effect and though they flame the heat of a spicy dish it lightens up on the finish. Mexican dishes mixes light and dark flavors like cilantro, refined beans and chilies which are a great pairing with Go Devil’s sweet and citrus combination.

Debbie’s Southern 75 Cocktail


  • 6 oz. Go Devil IPA
  • 2oz Bourbon
  • ¾ oz. Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
  • ½ oz. simple syrup


  • Pour beer into chilled Collins glass.
  • In a cocktail shaker combine bourbon, lemon juice& simple syrup with ice and shake vigorously. Strain into the beer and garnish with a lemon twist.

Black Fly Vodka Citrus

Black Fly Vodka and Tequila Mixed Drinks are made with real pure juices,7% spirits and lightly sweetened with cane sugar. They are low in sweetness compared to other Ready to Drink Beverages and are balanced and refreshing. PEI Liquor offers 5 assorted flavors of this unique summertime beverage.

Black Fly bottles are light weight, resealable and recyclable which make them a fantastic choice for pool parties, sailing adventures or hikes along the coast. The producers have even made the mouth of the bottle wide enough to slip in some ice during those sizzling days of summer.

Black Fly beverages are already pre-mixed but get creative and use some interesting glassware and garnishes to bring some splash to these summer beverages. For a great pre-dinner refreshment fill a champagne flute 2/3 full of any Black Fly beverage, top with sparkling wine and add seasonal fruit. It’s a great drink to celebrate the arrival of summer.

Black Fly Mimosa

  • Fill a champagne flute 2/3 full of your favorite Black Fly Beverage
  • Top with sparkling wine
  • Add seasonal fruit